Go by Roots?

rootsWe have always learnt that for ’cause and effect’ model. Since from the evolution or evolution itself is based on the idea. We can call these ideas as ‘Tree of Life’. This tree is generally perceived as linear in growth. Many theories evolved from western thinkers such as Plato, John Stuart or Freud are that all psychological conditions can be traced back to one single moment. It does make sense if one follow such theories. It’s very much cause and effect think tank. For example, we always look up to people who are ahead of us rather than other way round. In other words progression is bottom up’s approach. But two French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari challenged these models. Such model is inflexible (not open for change) and general the higher order decides what is lower (perhaps agreeable). Instead they suggested imagining life horizontally, a decentralized movement in both directions. They named it as Rhizome Model to show the interconnected and intersect but can nevertheless be independent of each another. For example, internet has a rhizomatic structure with its huge network whose parts are connected to each other with no beginning and no end; with just a continuous state of becoming.

We leave you with a questions to ponder, do we develop our system, organisation or family horizontally? Are we becoming better by being horizontally?

“What is the point of roots if you can’t take them with you?” – Gertrude Stein

[Article is inspired from reading of Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschappeler]

Image taken from image bing search (Life of Pi) just for illustration of the article.


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