Falling in Love…

Some story impressions leave a strong, memorable and some fade in no moment. A recent travel on road got me introduced to an interesting short-note learning, from a person seated next to me. After a typical conversation for awhile, the topic of love was one among it. Person feel falling in love and moving on isn’t difficult yet all. Did this dazzle some of us? Perhaps yes, the person said an interesting note towards end of this topic – “I find it strange for people hanging on past; there is abundant love out there”. Perhaps the world is divided equally to balance this view.

This reminded me DDLJ movie liner “Come fall….in love”. There is something between these two words; that’s perhaps “Past” πŸ™‚ .

What are your views?

We hope you enjoyed this article. God bless you!


One thought on “Falling in Love…

  1. Love is part of life and not life is part of love. so we should cultivate(only to the people who thinks they are superior) to spread love, then will see the results as happiness.So if we want to stay happy we need love to be exist in every person’s life. and of course lesson’s for some.

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