JuggadJuggad is one of the element that is seen at various time. If this was true all the time, companies wouldn’t spend time and invest for hiring right employee. If search could answer all these, things would be much simpler. The search engine is itself a complex algorithm.

The foundation of any inception need to be stronger otherwise all the Juggad will not help. Having said this Juggad itself isn’t a good option to work with as it doesn’t have commitment, emotions, directions, love, passion, compassion, warmth and desire to excel. It is a temporary treatment with long term implications on own life. If Juggad was the best option; but the best of people would have made difference to this world by their sincere contribution. Juggad might bring smile, but it is unpleasant smile for the leaders or contributors. At (all) time it will leave people hampered, paralysed and trust is lost. This has implication on oneself growth rather someone else, loss of trust, hampers the economy and others opinion. Above all the judgement from the God is unbearable.

Say No to Juggad that will hamper the countries growth. What do you say?

Image taken from Google Image Search Engine: forums.juggadprojects.com


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