Lesley Kim on Leadership

leadershipThose in authority often lack an appreciation of the nature of leadership. They tend to dwell on concepts that divide and separate people rather than on concepts that reflect their connectedness and commonality. They become forgetful of purpose and values that explain why and what for. They have little awareness of the content of their office or the external environment that frames whatever it is they are responsible for.

“To be a good leader you need to have a vision of where you are going and understand how to unite people around you in seeing that vision. I think charisma is a very important part of leadership. I have never seen a really great leader who doesn’t have some kind of charisma. Great leaders know how to take risks and are comfortable taking risks. Good leaders know when to cut their losses. Good leaders pass all the glory down so that they team feels great about winning, and when things go wrong they claim responsibility. Really great leaders are willing to give the power to get things done to other people. They are not hoarders of power.” Lesley Kim on Leadership


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