Kuch Nahi…Bus Yunhi❤

AashiquiMost people like to be on ‘Cloud Nine’ as we crave, search and talk about love all our lives. Its felt more rather than expressed clearly. It’s Love. For many its fascinating and complex with a beautiful mystery – that is always fond difficult to explain.

Having said so, poets and lyrics/song writers tried to express these romantic thoughts and feelings into words. As love is so inexplicable we perhaps need help from science to explain it. It is said that there are many changes in both men and women during romantic love such as initial attraction with feel energized and heart pounding. Psychologists says specific chemical substances such as oxytocin, dopamine and phenethylamine play a role in human experiences and behaviors while in love. They keep us alert, excited, and wanting to bond stronger. Fortunately human brain supports the idea of falling in love while attracted to another. The couples on spending time together then there is a love euphoria. While being in love, all things are viewed through love lens such as tolerable and everything looks delightful. According to triangular theory developed by psychologist Robert Strenberg, the three components of love are intimacy (attachment, closeness, connectedness and bondedness), passion (limerance, sexual attraction) and commitment (Decision, Plans).

Suno.. Kuch Nahi..Bus Yunhi❤


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