Information Age to Sensation Age

newspaperI still recall foggy early morning, drove bicycle to pick up a newspaper from a shop. At times awaited for the newspaper to arrive to the shop. People of 1980s or earlier have witnessed that how important an information in newspaper was and one would read most (some all) sections of newspaper. It was read by most of family members and often neighbors borrowed in the later part of the day to read. It was such a delightful experience! Early 1990s witnessed newspaper ease to access such as door deliver. Door deliver did exist in 1980s; perhaps one liked to save some rupees and joyus of getting in person was pride. We read news with pride in the morning with brief headlines during school prayer hour.

Things have changed over a decade, the information age has become a sensation age. I came across a student studying in Xth grade; I bring the student story here –

Xth grade students’ have an hour ‘Newspaper Reading’ session weekly. Everyone need to carry that day newspaper. The teacher walked in and checked with pupil if all have the day edition. Yes, was the reply. This was the first class, teacher would call random roll no and ask them to read a paragraph with some set of rules. The rules were not to pick that
-has any negativity in the information,
-sexual or violence implicit information,
-any discrimination such as caste, region, religion, gender and others
-no stereotypical articles
-no gossips and film
-and few other such rules were told

Most of students didn’t get all these rules. Anyhow the teacher called roll no 12, Good Morn Teacher and dear friends said the roll no 12 student. All to page number one, headline ‘2G Scam: A. Raja….’ teacher yelled at the student and said in loud voice ‘Stop it!’ Don’t forget the rules. Student shrug and sat down. Teacher called roll no 21, student got up with trembling voice said, editorial section ‘New anti-rape legislation…teacher threw chalk on face’ and asked the student to sit down. This situation often repeated apart from some time, where there was information but less sensation.

This left me a big thought, are we going to tell this and future generation – information is nothing but sensational exaggeration? Do we let the judicial system to take its own decision? Do we forgive others? and various other such questions.

What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Good day! God Bless You!


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