Many founders/managers are part in the collapse of companies. As founders/managers focused on the economic, played the numbers, motive to maximum the personal gains (at times with vengeance) and it is found to be very thin below the law. The founders at times think of – supersmart people, bonuses, performance evaluations, charm, energy and self confidence. This has ended up with terrible managers or founders themselves. If we see here criminality is not the big issue here, its tip of pyramid (that can be addressed somewhere else). The real issue is the antisocial behavior that often happens below the surface of public and yet sound legally right. Whenever companies are held responsible for such behaviors choices made are no longer be called amoral. There may be well-intentioned by founders or decision makers to make decidedly immoral choices.

Unique Problem

There was a rich man lived in west, he knew only two things – one to make more money (and never knew the amount of money amassed) and another thing to play golf every evening. His servants hardly questioned about his decision as they never could understand his intentions initially. On a fine day, there was a woman waiting at a distant (away from fence) and asking for an attention. One of the servant said, Master there is lady calling out your name! Do I ask her to go away? Master replied, ‘Call her here.’ In her low voice she said, Good even sir, I have come here to ask help from you. I have heard that you are rich and I see that you could help me. My daughter is hospitalized, I need 1 million USD to get her back to life. Master asked his servant to get his cheque book, he signed without asking any questions. After handing over the cheque, he asked one question – Do you want my servant to drop you? She thanked him and went walking. As it was difficult to understand the master intentions, servant stayed quite though unhappy of helping a unknown person.

After two days, servant ran to master and says, Master the lady who took money from you the other day is arrested by cops. Master immediately handed over another cheque to the servant and phoned his lawyer to get the lady released on bail. The servant and lawyer did as instructed. She was brought to the master on the next day morning. Being ashamed of her deed, she fell to the master leg and asked for forgiveness. He moved apart and asked her, what are you doing? I didn’t do all this to make you apology, as we all do mistakes. Master asked her, what you like to work as? She thought for awhile and said, I will fulfill the promise by helping the ailing children. Master hold a cheque of 0.5 million USD and asked her to start life afresh. She was hesitant to take this time. Master said to her, the world will take some time to understand you and forget your mistakes. You will need this to fulfill the dream of helping ailing children. She walked with joyous and spent her rest of life serving ailing children. After she left, the servant asked master, ‘Apology to ask this, why did you try to help this lady?.’ Master smiled and replied, this problem just needed less than 2 million USD to solve, there are more complex problem in the offices that remain as ‘Unique Problem’ and it quite often difficult to solve. I am happy one of the world’s problem is over!

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Do I pursue MBA?

Society needs natural leaders to manage. As management and leadership are life itself, but these cannot be taught through modules or techniques. If one argues about motivation, MBA is not here to increase ones self confidence. Does not demeans the management by trying to teach management to aspirants who have never managed; its something like teaching psychology to someone who has never met another human being. This is said, as the organizations are complex in its nature as it requires all sort of tacit, boom and doom time and others. These can be only gained by being there not by replicating an environment that has no risk. Does it make sense for someone to pursue MBA, who have never practiced?

The writing is inspired by Henry work.

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MBA: Create Managers?

MBAThe conventional MBA programs are specialized training in the functions/domains of business, not expected to educating in the practice of managing. It might look promising to help the already practising manager over an idea of pretentious to create managers who have never managed.

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