Dear Wife, Your Husband is not a Superhero

‘Weddings have logic, but Marriages have only emotions’

Episode 1: Lonely Animal

Episode 2: 30 Plus

Episode 3: Two Different People

ย Episode 4: Can Money Buy Happiness?

ย Episode 5: Desire and Intimacy

Episode 6: Never Ending Conflicts

Episode 7: Single Mother

Episode 8: My Hero Husband

Episode 9: Found Joy

Episode 10: Host a Guest or Ghost?

Episode 11: Listen, Forgive and Forget

Episode 12: Wedding or Marriage?

Episode 13: Busy Bride or Beloved Bride?

Episode 14: My Husbandโ€™s Mother

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Life and Career

“Solving others problem, solves your problem”

Life is bigger than career. Career has to be part of life not otherwise. Counseling towards life is more important just the career. As earning bread and butter isn’t difficult but achieving higher dream may be. Having said this, a selfless act can bear more righteousness than the self-driven act. A selfless act will bring satisfaction to life and career. The success to achieve this satisfaction is by being a child in whatever one does.

I always believe that, Hope is hopeful and wonderful.

Author and Soft Skills Trainer
Adhuri Prem Kahaniya
Dear Wife, Your Husband is not a Superhero

Dear Wife, Your Husband is not a Superhero – Book Launch

Martin Luther says, “Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave.” As a married woman I can relate to the stories narrated here. This book can act as a guide for both men and women in understanding and accepting each other’s limitations. It also stands good for the unmarried since it helps them in setting expectations. The author has put in a lot of efforts to help readers realize the value of relationships by reinforcing the Lord’s words. – Jyothi Ghiwari, Homemaker

I would highly recommend that any married couple reads this book. – Sujeeth Kumar, Project Manager, IT Product Company

This book isn’t any typical book. I chose the highest rating because this book deserves it! “Dear Wife” is a truly essential book for all women! I would like to adapt it in my marriage. -Kavita Shah, Doctor and Miss Bangalore 2010

Great Book! Easy to read, wife diary is perfect. Down to earth and easily understood. -Sudhir S, Programmer Manager, Helix Labs

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“Book launch Talk” and “Raghunath-Santosh Avvannavar Scholarship Announcement”


Book Launch Talk of “Dear Wife, Your Husband is not a Superhero”

‘Weddings have logic, but Marriages have only emotions’

Authors: Santosh Avvannavar, Jacob Monsy & Ruchita Kumar Shah

Chief Guest: Darshan, Cuppa Koramangala (Franchise Owner), Arun (Helxi Lab) & Kavita Shah (Doctor and Miss Bangalore 2010)

Santosh Avvannavar: All Glory to the God! Good evening to all. I thank you all for joining us for the book launch.

About Book: The book has evolved through years (since childhood) as memories initially and in the form of book now. The book encompasses 14 different heart touching episodes with simple narration. These are partly based on true stories about individual experiences. A book to look forward to turn ‘wedding’ into ‘successful marriage.’ The book doesn’t provide any shortcut to convert wedding into successful marriage. I personally don’t believe in temporary fixation.

Note to Jacob Monsy and Ruchita Kumar Shah (Co-authors): I congratulate to both for taking an extra step to reach a new mile stone. This is important as each one of us become a member of uncommon people. One needs to do each day magic to have more successful day. I encourage Ruchita and Jacob to accept the criticism (promising or negative) from the readers. Jesus is one of the greatest example of acceptance of humiliation from his own creation. Another example that comes to my thought is Gandhiji taught an interesting story of acceptance of discrimination. Reviewers will be critical of one or other thing. The Adam and Eve nature exists in all of us.

Outcome of book: I feel humbled to announce “Raghunath-Santosh Avvannavar Scholarship” to a girl child in a remote located area of our country. I would request you all to encourage this vision through your kind words and smile and nothing more than that.

Closure: I would like to thank the God, pastors, parents,teachers, Aravind publishing house, and dear friends (list is endless). Lastly to all my students for being supportive. I pray that God bless you all. God bless, thank you all.

Jacob Monsy: A warm welcome to all. I want to thank you for taking out your time for being with us in this joyous occasion. It really pierced my heart when I found out that there are about 55,000 pending divorce cases in India. It hurts to know that there are so many couples in despair and turmoil. ‘Dear Wife, Your Husband is not a Superhero’ is a light yet gripping book through 14 everyday episodes such as divorce, managing money, miscarriages to even the Saas Bahu fights, offer right soultion to the problems. We pray that this book will really touch your lives and help you add colour to your beautiful marriage. This book will be a life boat to reach out to the 55,000 cases. Thank you.

Ruchita Kumar Shah: Thank you all for being part for the book launch. I encourage to many people buy a copy and spread good news about making ‘wedding’ to ‘successful marriage.’ We shall use the funds to help the orphan children, look forward to your support. Thank you all!

Have a blessed life!

God bless,