Lonely Animal : Dear Wife, Your Husband is not a Superhero

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Some people believe that marriage is important to take away loneliness, have companion, or its norm. There could be various other views to it. Statistics (not to accuracy) show that there are 11 marriages that end up in a legal separation in our country. However, the divorce rates are rising with the following sample brief:

Delhi update*

  • 1960’s – 1-2 divorce cases per year
  • 1980’s – 100-200 divorce cases per year
  • 1990’s – 1,000 divorce cases per year
  • This decade (2000 – A great jump to 9,000 divorce cases per year)

Mumbai update*

In 2007, almost 7,000 divorce cases had been filed in the family courts of Mumbai. This number was expected to rise to 7,200 by the end of that year. This figure stands at 60% more than the divorce cases filed in 2005. 70% of the divorce cases were filed by individuals in the age group of 25-35. 85% of the marriages ended in divorce in the first three years of marriage.

Reasons for high divorce rates in India*

Some of the reasons for rising divorce rates in India are listed below:

  1. Greater acceptance of divorce in the society has led to couples being more comfortable with the idea of divorce.
  2. Big cities or the metros give the advantage of anonymity by which divorced couples can manage to avoid the glares of judgmental family members and friends.
  3. People today, tend to have a comparatively more casual approach towards marriage and do not work as hard to save it in case of any problems in the relationship.
  4. DINKS couples (Double Income No Kids) are not worried about how the divorce may negatively impact the children’s lives.
  5. Stress as well as lack of time for life partners is another important factor leading to increasing divorce rates.
  6. Women are now at par with men in financial terms and do not feel the need to depend on their husbands for their financial needs. Men are also good with their domestic responsibilities and do not need to depend on women for the same. These changing gender roles has also impacted the divorce rates in India.

Do people real want to seek divorce from each other ? OR Do they want to “divorce” the form of marriage?ย 

* source – http://www.divorcepad.com