A Journey of Authdas (Authordas) to Surrogate Mother

Surrogate Author‘Writing books have taught me – True Devdas are authors.’

Writing and publishing four books and few in pipeline has taught interesting new things. Authors are exposed to criticism out there in open. There isn’t anything like hidden area! Good authors are one who write and basically not businessman, whereas there are showman too! Now this definition of good author realise on each individual as each one’s writing is meant for certain set of audience. Some critic have issue with story, some has with grammar, and some compare with their fantasy writers. I feel critic often become judgemental rather than being rational because they are better equipped with jargons. I perhaps feel there is no one out there who gets up one morning and says,’Let me write a bad novel.’Are anyone here like that? ‘Married people have options for divorce, authors are married with their books forever.’Another way to look into critics criticism is that, author does bookdan (“gift of virigin book’) to a reader, the reader is unhappy because of this new union (seen in marriages) and the issue comes back to the parents.Before critics make writers Authdas (Authordas), I decided long ago to become a ‘Surrogate Mother.’

Happy writing!

(c) Author of Adhuri Prem Kahnaiya I Dear Wife, Your Husband is not a Superhero I Second Heart I Get a Job WITHOUT an Interview I Be a B.A. (to published in Aug/Sep)