Who is Authdas? (Surrogate Author)

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Who is Authdas?

I wondered how difficult it is for a woman to be a surrogate mother
irrespective of the objective. Writing few books have taught – true
Devdas are authors. If authors’ adopt similar concept of surrogacy
than book can evolve. We have many examples to quote, Amitabh
Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and others that symbolise the surrogacy of
continue doing movie irrespective of critics, and box office result.
Authdas is Author das!

Plot of Authdas character: I taught if Authdas (booklorn -book sick)
as Devdas (lovelorn -love sick), whose love is to write a novel, ‘Paro.’
Authdas needs some inspiration to write Paro and if that inspiration
was Chandramukhi, how the story would be?

Story of Surrogate Author: Keeping the above plot, I looked into
various movies – few movies that often people continue to enjoy are
Devdas, Sholay and DDLJ. Keep those baseline into mind Surrogate
Author book was written. The book is inline with Devdas. I assume that
people, who love devdas would perhaps relate and link to Authdas. I
thank Sanjay Leela Bhansali for giving an visually stunning movie,

What does this book provide?

There are two sections: First section has the story of Authdas. It is
a drama based on Bollywood movies Devdas, Mohabbatein, Sholay and
DDLJ. Second section has some inputs to begin as a writer.

Who should pick this book?

The book is meant for aspiring authors, people who enjoy drama, movies
and entertainment.

What is the objective behind the writing?

To encourage aspiring authors and continue to write because they love
it. A part of fund will be given to educate a girl child.

Where one can buy a copy of book?

The book will be available at Amazon.com from Nov 1st week onwards. From Nov
mid or later at other e-coommerce sites and retail stores.

Idea to Book: Be a B.A.

Cover Page 2
Cover Page

What’s motivation behind this book?
Lack of awareness, inspiration to reach and connect with the BA fraternity across the globe and limited availability of structured thoughts were the ignited minds of Be a B.A.

How did the book shape?
The idea to write this book got incepted in April 2013, when authors realized the potential of Business Analysis profession to any organization and institution. Authors started to scribble their thoughts and observation. The book underwent various phases like research, experiments, writing, drawing, editing, reviewing, revisions, formatting and final manuscript. The project also required sincere efforts and collaboration for Cover Page design, public opinion and audience engagement through various activities and website updates. There is a collective effort of many creative minds during this journey of 1 year 6 months; we proudly call us Team Be a B.A.

What is this book all about?
Business Analysis (BA) as a profession has proven it’s own success by bringing significant value to any of the business an Organization/Institution operates, BA practice is much appreciated across industries. However there are still challenges, so many why, what and how questions for the profession itself. Hence an attempt is made to address various aspects of the profession in this book, Authors have taken a step forward to reach the professionals along with aspiring Business Analysts via this platform. With consulting companies open to hire non-MBAs, this book will be an excellent book to begin for aspiring Business Analysts (B.A.’s) as well.

The book discusses aspects such as Overview of Business Analysis, Need of B.A.’s, Hiring Process and Exercises (that would help for any interviewees and for career transition aspirants), Why B.A., Roles & Responsibilities, Skills Set, Evolution of the Profession,Ambiguity in B.A. Designations, Success Stories of B.A.s, Interesting Facts and many more.

How different is this book?
This book would not only show you the career path of Business Analysis but also would mentor you all along holding your hand and walking along with you. Authors believe that case based learning is the true facets of wisdom. Hence this book is filled with real life examples and small and interesting cases to substantiate it’s theoretical description.

Who all should read this book?
All aspiring Business Analysts!

Can you provide us link to order the book?
The book is available at Pothi.com, Amazon.com at moment. The book will also be available at Flipkart and Amazon.in shortly.


Website: http://www.beaba.in