Title is Untitled Review by Parul

Title is Untitled

Yes, I know what you are  thinking. The name of the book confused me as well but flipping it open and reading a couple of pages clarified all doubts. I have known Santosh, one of the authors of the book for over four years now and hence when he sent this book over I knew that I will not attempt the usual kind of “book review” for this one.

“A Social Adult Book” as this one, is a 122 page book and sets expectations with the readers right at the start. It calls out that the chapters in the book are a blend of fiction and facts and the intent is to talk of social evils prevalent in Indian society. To name a few, the authors have not shied away from talking about sexual fantasies, marital rape, domestic violence, high suicides among men, injustice by the hands of those who should protect law, groom abduction and prostitution. Getting such an honest book published when people all around are focusing on stories, thrillers and a fiction overdose, in my mind, this was a commendable effort.

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