Journey of ‘Title is Untitled’ – Part 1

Title is UntitledI am writing this based on feedback/review and request for aspiring writers to know how ‘Title is Untitled’ evolved. These series of articles to be looked as a source of inspirations and remember that a book is a team effort. It all started in a causal discussion with a sister (& friend) Dr.Bhagyashree in Sep 2013. She happen to mention about two stories that two women (victims) faced for their no mistake. I cling to Dr.Bhagyashree till the characters went visually into my head. This gave birth to write a writing a book on social issues with a tentative title ‘First Night, No Light’. Harish, a friend laughed at the title and mentioned that the book will create waves. However the title got changed but it remained as a tagline. Her snippet formed first two chapters

Chapter 1: Kamali : The desire of my heart

Chapter 2: Sahana : A game of love, lust and repetitive compulsion 

These two chapters dealt with sensitive issues such as ‘child marriage’ and ‘impotency’. These two chapters taught of the meaning of disciplining ‘forgiving and forgetting’ and I feel these two characters form a model for such victims.

Thank you Dr.Bhagyashree for fuelling the book.

Review by Parul ; Maniparna ;  Rajashree Ghosh

Buy your personal copy Link 1 ; Link 2 ; Link 3 ; Link 4

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Author’s Interview Link

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