Making of ‘Black, Grey and White’ Book – Part 1

I am here to share experience of writing ‘Black, Grey and White’ book that was launched on 01 Dec 2014 on ‘World AIDS Day’. The series of articles might help some aspiring writers. It all started with an invitation from Dr.Sharanbasvaraj and Mr.Sanjeev Kumar to attend two day workshop held for ICTC counsellor’s. I was initially reluctant to attend as it seemed to be too technical. I thought about it over a day and decide to attend half a day to further decide.

The resource person was Dr. Saurabh Kumar, faculty from Father Muller’s Hospital, Mangalore. He being from a non-kannada speaking state delivered the talk in Kannada language. I got to know that he learnt Kannada while he pursued his medicine in one of the medical colleges in Karnataka. His simple narration was like a idea factory to me. I made few points as the sessions progressed and I happen to mention Mr.Sanjeev Kumar about a book coming up on a theme. This formed the first chapter – Shahid – The Martyr. Mr.Santosh I Biradar (author) helped to get some interesting information on myths of HIV and AIDS, technical details of post office, and look/understand the story from a social worker prospective.

The chapter 1 was read by seven peers prior to the book launch and most of them found it to be intriguing, engrossing and an eye opener.

Review: Rajashree Ghosh ; Shilpa Patil

Buy your personal copy: Link 1; Link 2 ; Link 3

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Author’s Interview Link

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