Author Signed ‘Be a B.A.’ books

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If you are aiming to begin a career as Business Analyst and looking for a book to understand B.A.’s role, you are at the right place. If you would like to order author signed copies, write to or leave your comment with email id and phone number.

Cost of the book: INR 250/- + 40 for shipping

Other stores to buy Flipkart I I I

Be a B.A.’ is launched by 

-Mr. P V Ramana, National Award Nominee and Scientist 

-Foreword written by Dr. Meena R Chandavarkar, Vice Chancellor, Karnataka State Women’s University, Bijapur

-Be a B.A book is Recommended by Mridul Gupta, Management Consultant, Accenture Management Consulting, CCBA, IIBA. 

More information on book launch can be found at Why pick this book? and Book launch

What industry people say:
Reviews from Industry Experts:“A TREAT for budding business analysts and consulting professionals. This book will give all it needs to be successful as a business analyst – A must read!” – Mridul Gupta, Management Consultant, Accenture Management Consulting, CCBA, IIBA
“Simplistic, exemplary, structured and thoughtful content of the book makes it one of the best for the Business Analyst fraternity!” – Yogesh More, Executive Manager, ADP.
“This is an excellent book for those looking to take up BA as a career. Gives a lot of clarity on the objectives and actual work required in Business Analysis. The perfect answer to ‘why BA’ for individuals and organizations alike!” – Dr. Dinesh Rijhwani, Healthcare Entrepreneur, MBBS, MBA (IIM Ahmedabad ’10)
“If one is keen to know the insights of Business Analysis profession, Be a B.A. is a remarkable book to begin.” – Angamuthu Manoharan, CEO, BAeHAL Software ltd, Bangalore
“A beginner book that summarizes many aspects of BA in one place.” – N K Narasimhan, CEO and Founder, Nascar Technologies Pvt Ltd (Ex – Yahoo! and Sun Microsystem Employee)

Welcome to B.A. fraternity!


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