My Would be (Husband) Raped Me!

Title is Untitled

(Journey of ‘Title is Untitled’ – Part 2)

This is in continuation to series of article (Read: Journey of Title is Untitled – Part 1) to give insights for aspiring writers how the book evolved. In the part 1 it was mentioned that the first two chapters were written from the inputs of Dr. Bhagyashree, but those stories kept me disturbed for a long time. I wondered how one could tolerate domestic violence. I narrated the first chapter (Chapter 1: Kamali : The desire of my heart) story to MBA/M.Com students in one of my class to raise debate and discussion and I found that people were disturbed with such incidents happening among our own people.

I brought few points in another class to see their views – Does the rapist need to be hanged? Will that solve the issue? It’s hard to zero down to a single point, why does one rape? After an hour discussion, when I told them what author’s perspective and Kamali (name changed) did in reality I saw shocked reaction. I was also shocked on knowing the reality for the first time. It was very easy for me to just mention that a culprit need to be hanged, no doubt one need to be given punishment based on the laws of land but I tried to dig to roots of problem through ‘Title is Untiled’. I could only go further to find the root causes because I tried to become Kamali for a while. My heart goes out to all those victims and I pray that God protects them !

Thank you Dr.Bhagyashree for making me Kamali for a while.

In the next series I shall bring to you –

  1. Will hanging a rapist solves the problem?
  2. Why some countries will continue to face these problems?

Review by Parul ; Maniparna ;  Rajashree Ghosh

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