Chintu: The Earth is Round

Black, Grey and White Book Cover
Black, Grey and White Book Cover

Making of ‘Black, Grey and White’ – Part 2

I am here to share experience of writing ‘Black, Grey and White’ book that was launched on 01 Dec 2014 on ‘World AIDS Day’. The series of articles (first part – Link) might help some aspiring writers. Santosh I. Biradar (B.S.W student and Founder of Chaitanya Organisation) had penned one story that spoke a self-esteem boy that we initially sent to a social magazine but it came rejected for unknown reasons. We kept that article pending to see the fitment in any future write up.

One of story that we wanted to write was on how a child feels negative for it being HIV positive because lack of support from education front, being orphan (in some cases parents leave their child in orphanage), peer acceptance (from HIV negative) and own family members. In search of scripting this story Santosh I. Biradar and I saw a child of less than three year old who was HIV positive. We cannot forgot those moments of seeing the child peeing from a window and gave a warm smile. The radiant face made my day and made the book. That’s formed the chapter 2 – Chintu: The Earth is Round. 

I hope a day is not far when we stop discriminating such children by giving them love and compassion.

‘If you cannot show compassion, do not show discrimination.’ – Santosh Avvannavar 

Review: Rajashree Ghosh ; Shilpa Patil ; Md. Ishaq

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