Writing of ‘Get a Job WITHOUT an Interview – Google and Beyond’ Book – Part 1

Get a Job WITHOUT an Interview
Get a Job WITHOUT an Interview

Authors view (Santosh Avvannavar and Raghavendra Kumar Reddy): The idea to project took nearly 7 years (writing and publication took nearly 2 years), we were always fascinated with the slick book that were clear, specific and precise (minimal filler). An unconventional book that is likely to break the Q & A format and provide a framework to begin. Why such book are important for a long-term career goal?

The idea of this book started during 2006 while I saw M.Tech/M.S. students waiting outside the placement cell for job interviews. I slowly moved into a role known as ‘Placement President’ through Student Cell at IISc, Bengaluru to act as a mediator between placement cell and the institute. There were about 60 companies that participated for campus drive, I sat through most of the presentation that was delivered by technical representative and HR representative. This broaden my horizon of understanding the role that they looked for each business unit.

Each IT company picked countable number of students for a specific role. What I admire also about many students was that they had clarity in picking a role and company that would help them to grow. It was more of a long-term goal. I still remember that students saying NO to an offer because their determination to work for a specific technologies rather than just an offer. This I would term as self-awareness. Various such incidents lead to the beginning of ‘Get a Job WITHOUT an Interview – Google & Beyond’.

In the next article I will bring to you how the idea (brain) to board (paper) began.

To know more about the book: Book launch by CEO’s I Einstein Story & Book

The first copy of the book was opened by Dr.Meena R Chandavarkar, Vice Chancellor, Karnataka State Women’s University, Bijapur. The book launch activity was held at Cuppa Koramangala, Bengaluru – the launch was done by N K Narasimhan,CEO and Founder, Nascor Technologies (former employee of Yahoo!, Sun Microsystem, L&T),Bengaluru; Darshan, Businessman; Philip K, Franchise owner of Cuppa Koramangala, Bengaluru attended by motivators (friends).

A copy of book was presented to Mr.Suresh Narasimha, CEO and Founder, TeliBraham,Bengaluru

A review from blogger Book review 
What industry people say:
1. A book for career over job preparation. – N. K. Narasimhan, Co-founder, Nascor Group, India (former employee of Yahoo!, Sun Microsystem and L&T)
2. Good Beginners book for IT aspirants and professionals. – Ashwin, Ex-Yahoo! and Flipkart Employee
3. A book for greater success not shortcut success. – Shivaleela, Principal Consultant
4. A great handbook for ‘Hiree’ and ‘Hirees’. – Bharath Ambrose, Corporate HR
5. Must buy for all IT aspirants! – S. Kumar, Project Manager, IT Product Company
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