Writing of ‘Black, Grey and White’ book – Part 4

Black, Grey and White Book Cover
Black, Grey and White Book Cover

Making of ‘Black, Grey and White’ – Part 4

I am here to share experience of writing ‘Black, Grey and White’ book that was launched on 01 Dec 2014 on ‘World AIDS Day’. The series of articles (first part – Link , second part – Link , third part – Link) might help some aspiring writers.

Knowing that I am writing a book on a theme that dealt with HIV and AIDS subject, Dr.Sharanbasavaraj mentioned in the talk to introduce a lady who was victim because of her husband. He was a lorry driver and he become infected by HIV via a highway sex. I would appreciate the lady who came forward to tell her story. She felt that if people can get motivated and lead a positive life then her purpose of giving story is worth to do so. That day I realised that she being a HIV positive there was so much of positivity in her words and face. I wondered I being HIV negative how often didn’t appreciate such people. This discussion formed chapter 4 : Highway Sex – A journey of Hope!

Review: Rajashree Ghosh ; Shilpa Patil ; Md. Ishaq

Buy your personal copy: Link 1Link 2 ; Link 3 ; Link 4

Media: Link

Techgoss Coverage : Link

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