98, 419, 755 – House Husband


In year 2012 December I wrote an article I want to Marry a ‘House Husband’ under a section face reading of physical traits. Since then the number of visit directly to the link have been –

Dec 2012 – 98

Jan – Dec 2013 – 419

Jan – Dec 2014 – 755

The increase in number is a good indicator of people in search of ‘House Husband’. These searches mainly came from Google and thanks to Google for making it easier to find ‘House Husband’. There are several comments that had invitation to be a house husband are muted. This increase in visits and comments is definitely interesting to analysis the alarming rate of a new world for men to explore. World is definitely changing 🙂 !

Note: The writing isn’t looking for anyone at moment! 🙂

*If you’re interested to read a story on House Husband click here: Umbilical Cord

Image is used just for illustration purpose


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