PK is OK


I had to wait for several days before could make myself free to watch PK. I found three movies (there might be more) in Hindi that were clever business script – Madras Cafe, Haider, and PK. Abhijat Joshi and Hirani script had the visuals of alien neck wearing a thing (remote) as a central theme. This is perhaps the right thing otherwise their could have been more damage. Second central theme was incompetent behaviour of alien to understand the world, this was perhaps second right thing that writers have done. As we like to encourage and lend helping hand to our children knowing their innocence. Then the movie moves into confusion state (the third right thing) that mills around various elements that laughter over serious issue. This was needed to keep the things lighter and alien, innocence elements were put right into audience mind. The fourth thing (combination of right-wrong) was the conclusion (not just the climax) that was fragile that perhaps raised eyebrows of some. Overall PK’s wrong has got it right!

Image is used just for illustration purpose.


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