Childhood Memories

Words can change World – 1

Santosh 1

While I was small and young my parents took me to an exhibition. Being a little girl I was fascinated with colourful dolls. My parents were reluctant to buy one because our family was big buying one would have created difference among others. I was not of an age to understand their concern, hence felt that parents never understood their daughter’s. With eyes full of tears, and heaviness of head went to a sleep. I woke in the morning to see a doll that was secretly bought by father. I felt bad for a moment of making a bad visit to exhibition. It is one of the most memorable moment of collection.

Now I have grown up and want a to select a new doll (partner) of my choice but the situation seem harder. Neither I can get angry or cry and wait for the new doll to arrive on the next day. Now the choice of new doll is from them but does my heart desires for someone else. Is it my desire of heart or desire of hands and legs? This question is true to seek answer because we often long for short-term goals rather than long-term goal. I might also sound foolish comparing a doll that cannot speak with a doll that would speak and live a life.

Written Author of ‘Black, Grey & White’, ‘Title is Untitled’, ‘Surrogate Author’, ‘Be a B.A.’, Get a Job WITHOUT an Interview’, ‘Second heart’

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