First Love & First Job

Words can change World – 2

Santosh 2.001

I am from 1970’s born, lived in a simple and humble family. The dreams were simple – study, get a job, marry and multiply. I perhaps believe that a generation earlier to me were still happier and lead a better life. In those days passing a degree was respected and option was mainly government jobs. I finished my matriculation and found a job with no much of hassles. In few years got married and in less than two years had a child too!

Things have changed for my children, they lifestyle is something that cannot be compared to mine. I am not saying there are bad but they are missing something many of us people have cherished it. They struggle with education (a pressure that is created by the system), they worry about job (oversee their imperfection) and falling love (highly influenced by film). I have seen them struggle getting their first job and first love, though they believe this it’s going to be enduring! May be I am boasting too much of people of 1970’s as they are boasting people of 1990’s. Perhaps this cycle of ‘First love and First Job’ will have new story with every new generation to come.

Written Author of ‘Black, Grey & White’, ‘Title is Untitled’, ‘Surrogate Author’, ‘Be a B.A.’, Get a Job WITHOUT an Interview’, ‘Second heart’

(c) Amrita Foundation


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