Title is Untitled Review by Jyothi Byahatti

Title is Untitled
Title is Untitled

Book : Title is Untitled

Authors: Santosh Avvannavar, Raghunath Babu Are, Kundan Srivastava

What is it all about?

The book has been written with a very good cause of spreading awareness about the social issues that still exist in our so-called educated society.

What’s so interesting in this?

The authors have done a great job in bringing out the common social issues in the form of 10 very interesting stories that can keep the readers glued to the book till the end.


What issues are addressed?

  • The book starts with a heart touching story of a girl from a rural background where the girl who once fought against child marriage became a victim herself. Many readers can relate to this story as atleast once they might have come across such marriages in their own family/community.
  • The second story deals with the sad state of sahana because of her husband who was an alcoholic. Alcoholism has taken many lives and still continues to do so. The story is heart touching and also says how it can ruin lives of innocent people.
  • Story number three shifts to a completely different topic of sexual fantasies and how they can affect otherwise good relationships. The story is different in another way too. It talks about fantasies from a woman’s point of view which is talked about less often because of the social taboo.
  • Moving to the fourth story, it starts with a married man who is a victim of a woman. In other words it talks about the misuse of law which was made to protect women. But the story has a great twist at the end, which i wouldn’t like to mention here to keep up the suspense.
  • The fifth story talks about our judicial system where cases are pending since many years. The author has described a case which dates back to 1957 and the turns of events while solving the case are quite interesting.
  • Story number six talks about a man’s sexual orientation and the problems it can create for his family especially his wife. Just because he doesn’t want to be made fun of by the society, he agrees to ruin a girl’s life by marrying her. What happens later is something which has to be read.
  • The seventh story deals with our education system. Qualification system might be a better term. Because today we are more bothered about qualification than education. The story or rather the conversation that takes place is full of humour and brings a smile. But also makes us think seriously about the issue.
  • Moving to the eighth story. It deals with the dowry system in an interesting way with a nice twist at the end. the story is inspired by real cases of grooms being kidnapped.
  • The ninth story makes us think again of the career we chose. One industry where the annual earning is around 180cr as per reports. Above that no investment. Sounds like a great career opportunity? Again I would like to maintain the suspense for the readers here.
  • The tenth chapter talks about the financial/social security of today’s generation compared to our parents. We call ourselves very advanced and earn more than four times our parents did. But still we feel insecure. I didn’t call it a story because it tries to throw light on this topic using certain facts and figures.
  • The last story is about a woman who is forced into prostitution at a very tender age and how later on she grows to become a helping hand to other sex workers.

Rating : I would like to rate the book 4 out of 5 stars.

Why 4?

As I read through the chapters, I was enjoying the stories which kept me reading as well as threw light on the issues with certain facts at the end. With every story my expectation increased about the next chapter. But at chapter 10 i was disappointed since there was no story but only facts and figures.

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Review by Parul ; Maniparna ;  Rajashree Ghosh

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Overall a great combination of fiction and facts. A great read.


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