I Institute of B

Title is Untitled
Title is Untitled

(Journey of ‘Title is Untitled’ – Part 7)

This is in continuation to series of article (Read: Journey of Title is Untitled – Part 1My would be (husband) raped me!Dilwale Dulha le Jayenge , My Fantasy Boyfriend , Ek Tha Kapoor – 498a , Azad Bharath – 1957 , Sperman and Vishnu Sharma Ki Ph.D.) to give insights for aspiring writers how the book evolved. Chapter 9 on begging & beggars came out of blue as an idea because of my continuous travel. However I didn’t wanted to show the grim side of the situation that has been dealt in few movies. I wondered if begging was a professional and beggars are output of such institution, what would they learn? This thought formed the chapter 9.

Review by Parul ; Maniparna ;  Rajashree Ghosh ; Jyothi B

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