Black, Grey and White Review by Jayasree & Biswanath

Black, Grey and White Book Cover
Black, Grey and White Book Cover

HIV – is not merely a medical problem in India, but more than a social problem. So much so is the non acceptability of AIDS patients in India that if in a social gathering a confirmed AIDS patient is seen everyone’s face turns pale-as if seeing a ghost walking in front of them. If someone’s relative is found to be confirmed ELISA positive, he or she thinks that it is better to be swallowed by earth. We are not talking of the victims, because society does think they have the right to be denied of all rights by the society-they are the excluded ones. Everybody tends to forget in a hurry that although 87% of the cases contracted sexually and transfusion associated and the rest are from intravenous drug use and vertical transmitted infections. And anybody including those faces of hate can be the unfortunate victim.

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