Job Analysis

Be a B.A. 6.001

Identification of component tasks of a job in detailed process can be termed as Job Analysis.

Job Analysis is used –

  • Job descriptions – Helps to analyse data
  • Job classifications – Helps to categorise tasks
  • Selection Process – Helps to identify job duties, education qualifications, interview questions and others
  • Worker Mobility – Identification of skills levels
  • Training & Development – Measure effectiveness, training requirement
  • Compensation – Identification of skill levels
  • Performance Management – Helps to achieve objectives and goals, set a metrics for tasks

There are four job analysis methods that are commonly used –

  1. Job Analysis Interviews – Structured or Unstructured
  2. Critical Incident Techniques – Direct, Behaviour, Observation interviews
  3. Observation
  4. Position Analysis Questionnaire

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