The Departing Point


1. What is The Departing Point is about?

The departing point is about seven different love stories, which due to some circumstances did not meet the happy ending.

2. How different is the book from rest of love themed or romantic reads?

The book is different frm others because these are based on real life experiences which some of our friends shared with us. Another different is although these don’t have the happy ending, these have been narrated in a humorous way that doesn’t make the readers sad.

3. Who can read this?

This book is meant for all those people who want to learn the different perspectives of love. The different faces of love. Also it brings out certain situations that are deterrent to a love relationship which can be avoided. We authors believe that this can help sustain healthy relationships.

4. Why does the book has U/A certification?

It has been U/A rated since a couple of stories are based on early teenage feelings and we do not want young readers to wrongly percieve the stories. Hence we suggest elders to guide such readers.

5. What is the objectives behind this book?

The objective behind this book is to give readers light entertainment as well as help them understand the different facets of relationships.

Now available at Pothi , Amazon

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