Title is Untitled comprehensive review by Solomon Manoj

Title is Untitled
Title is Untitled

Note: The book was sent by the author in exchange of an honest review. Thanks Santosh for the signed copy.

What would you call the social atrocities that happens in the country. Hence the book is named appropriately as “Title is Untitled”.

Though there are number of issues, the book deals with eleven social problems that exists in our society such as rape, prostitution, child marriage, child trafficking, begging to name a few. The authors have also included issues that men face which are often ignored.

Every story is presented in a form of dialouges and the language is kept simple. End of every story is presented with facts which shows the level of research that have gone into the book. The facts also stress the impact of these issues in our society and makes you ponder on what is our role in reducing them.

There are few grammatical errors and typos, however they can be overlooked as the content is clear and delivers what the reader has to know.

I think this book deserves much more recognition than it has got and has to be introduced to younger audience. Can be included in the curriculum with few editing on the words used in few stories.

Good work Santosh and team!!

Rating: ★★★★☆

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There’s always a person like that in your life about whom you never stop taking about,you never feel annoyed about,your heart goes there on n on n you almost hold your breathe when you feel that person.. Two people went in search of love leaving love in between.

The Departing Point review


The book has an essence of seven simple stories of love,simply pleasing ones.Yes! it triggers you to think on that mistake where once you thought to depart from the person whom you loved the most.The  three authors have splendidly enjoyed writing and attracting the readers with little phrases of reality. A small book that takes you back to another world where love takes a back seat in search of love in some other ways. Enjoyed reading! – Shilpa Patil (via FB)

Shilpa Patil with Author

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