Black, Grey and White book review by Jyothi Byahatti



‘Black Grey and White’ an excellent book that deals with social taboo associated with AIDS. AIDS has been around for a few decades now but still the misconceptions exist. In spite of several awareness programmes we have been unable to accept people with this syndrome as a part of our society. The authors have done a great a job in bringing out the misconceptions associated with it and also the problems faced by people tested positive. The book has five different stories:

  1. The first story talks about the various misconceptions around AIDS, and there is a suspense element added which makes it an interesting read.
  2. Chintu in the second story represents the HIV positive people and the problems they face in leading a normal life. A very simple story but brings out the issue very well.
  3. The third story takes us to the glamour world, where exploitation is quite common and the story is about aspirations, exploitation and revenge.
  4. Savita in the fourth story tells us how young girls like her become victims just because of the inadequate awareness and knowledge about HIV.
  5. Finally the fifth story moves away from HIV and talks about the different personalities siblings possess and the problems in parenting.

The book is a quick read but has a lot of learning in it. I appreciate the style in which the issue has been presented. Rating 4 stars on five.