The Departing Point review by Shilpa Patil

There’s always a person like that in your life about whom you never stop taking about,you never feel annoyed about,your heart goes there on n on n you almost hold your breathe when you feel that person.. Two people went in search of love leaving love in between.

The Departing Point review


The book has an essence of seven simple stories of love,simply pleasing ones.Yes! it triggers you to think on that mistake where once you thought to depart from the person whom you loved the most.The  three authors have splendidly enjoyed writing and attracting the readers with little phrases of reality. A small book that takes you back to another world where love takes a back seat in search of love in some other ways. Enjoyed reading! – Shilpa Patil (via FB)

Shilpa Patil with Author

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“…In short, it is a tiny book with simple stories narrating complex faces of love. It will not demand more than a couple of hours of your time. Try it!” For further reading visit: Satya’s Blog

“…All the stories, as a whole, gives you a feeling of incompleteness in love and, rightly serves the tagline of the book,”two people departed, in search of love, leaving love in between”.

“The language is simple, the authors have kept in mind that the stories can be read and understood by the mass. The Departing Point is a short, simple, and nice read.”

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“…And finally I would like to dedicate this review to those tormented unfortunate souls who have suffered enough by the arrows of the cupid.”

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“…The plot is complex, the characters are all very strong and present and important. In short, it is a story that stays in and hits the reader, for better or for worse.”

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Seven breezy stories with light humour is now available at stores Pothi , Amazon , Flipkart

About the book Love Can & Frequently Asked Love Questions (FALQ)

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