Surrogate Author review by Nishtha


For an author, reviews play an essential role so I will be as fair as I can get…

I expected less from this book, quite less…. But it surprised me, very much.

Have you ever seen Devdas, the movie? Well, this book had a similar story just one thing was different and that thing was the most essential part..

Surrogate Author
                            Surrogate Author

” As a wattpad author and a reader, even I fall in love with books and feel difficult to leave them ( after finishing) to start another one. Authdas, a writer by passion and engineer by profession loves Paro,a book. He wants to write it but complications arise. His father and mother want him to leave writing and be an engineer. He leaves Paro for ten years to go to London and study science. When he comes back, he comes with a promise to himself to write Paro and complete it but due to his parents, he is unable to follow his dreams. Then the suspense comes, just like it was in the movie, Gangawati gives Paro to some other author, Mahadev (an unsuccessful author). Authdas is furious and chagrined.

What will he do? Here the story changes and the end is very satisfying..

I didn’t really like the movie( bcz I didn’t like the end) but I liked this book, that says it all.”

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