Black, Grey and White book review by Nishitha


Black, Grey and White Book Cover
Black, Grey and White Book Cover

I read three novels by the same author , this was his best one. Absolutely the best. Very nicely written, the five stories , some like a long essay whereas some like a play. The last story and the second were the ones which touched me most. This novel was not just a collection of five stories but anthologies that spread general awareness about HIV virus except the last chapter which was about two brothers, Cain and Abel ( reference from Bible) who are divergent. Cain wants money, desires all the wrong things , disobeys his father and befriends Lucifer( the Lord of darkness and hell). Only Cain can see Lucifer, I think Satan here was that negative part of our brain that manipulates our thinking, intentionally injures our pride and makes us do reckless things. Abel on the other hand was the brother that obeyed his father, Abram and respected his brother, Cain. He was the better son and Cain was jealous of him. What would happen when Cain tries to kill him? That is a spoiler.

At last , I would conclude by recommending it to everyone, & also ask to recommend it to their friends to spread common awareness about disease like AIDS and supress the myths and depreciate them.

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“On the whole,despite it’s flaws,’Black,Grey and White’ is one work which needs to be appreciated for the good intentions behind it.It’s definitely a one time read!”

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