A Goodwill Saved Future of an Aspiring Girl

2015-08-11 16.41.15
I am writing this as an eyewitness to an unfortunate problem that could have made a girl to loose an admission for a postgraduate studies. A graduate student had sent an application for postgraduate seat via professional courier. The courier had arrived during the fag end of last month to the local courier hub from the dispatch and this was much before the deadline to the application. However, the courier never reached the admission cell of the university. The girl made ample requests to the courier centre to track and dispatch to the admission cell. This seemed to have fallen to the deaf ear. She also made an attempt to talk with an officials. This option also didn’t yield her any result.
She approached her graduate college to seek help. A faculty happen to recall an examiner who had visited their college for viva examination for one of their batches. The girl called to that faculty, Dr. Sharanbasavaraj to seek help. He could have easily turned down the request but he patiently listened to her request and promised to extend a help.
He went to the courier centre with his mellow voice requested the courier that was sent by an aspiring student that was due to reach the destiny. In reality many of us would have shouted at courier person and owner for their service, that could have jeopardised a girl future. The application arrived just in right time to save a future of an aspiring girl! I take this opportunity to appreciate his effort and goodwill to go out of his way to extend an help that otherwise he wasn’t obligated!
Let’s be an instrumental in helping each other! 
Santosh Avvannavar

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