Black Grey and White Book Reviews

Book launch of BGW
Book launch of BGW

Great job done by both the authors, it’s a must read book, especially for the today’s youth, who takes sex in a liberal way. It’s an eye opening book. For Further reading visit here – Foundation of Joy

Vikalp Trivedi rated a book 4 of 5 stars

In India AIDS is not only a disease but a social problem . In our country if anyone is infected by AIDS makes that person a social pariah irrespective of what was the behind the infaction . The reason of people get victimised by this deadly disease is lack of awareness and somewhere the overconservative thinking of our nation is highly responsible for this. It is not a topic on which we should remain quite we should talk about it , we should be aware about it . Here in this book the authors have done a commendable job to spread awareness about AIDS through the short stories . The stories not only focuses on the awareness of the disease but also on the social perspectives and even myths related to the disease (in story – 1, Shahid – The Martyr). All the stories have same agenda with different social backgrounds and different takes on AIDS . A really great book and a book needed to be read .

Shwetha H S rated a book 4 of 5 stars

This book is a good attempt at bringing awareness in our society, which still behaves primitively when it comes to being around HIV infected people, by trying to burst the myth around it. You read it or gift it to someone. Help in raising awareness about HIV.
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