Second Heart Book Review by Solomon Manoj

Solomon Manoj rated a book 4 of 5 stars
‪#‎SecondHeart‬ by Dr. Sandeep G Huilgol & Santosh Avvannavar

Second Heart
Second Heart

Let me start the review with an apology note to the author who was kind enough to send me a copy in exchange of a review.

Second Heart is an anthology of five fictional stories that deals with various misconceptions that surrounds Kidney also known as Second Heart.

We don’t focus much of Kidneys as much as we do for other vital organs such as heart or brain. As of 2013 17% of urban Indians have kidney disease ( the numbers might have drastically increased), out of which 6% had stage III, which needs medical attention such as dialysis or transplant. The shocking finding is that most of them were not aware of it till reached a chronic stage or have undergone any kidney fuction test (Source: Times of India)

The book provides an insight of the fuction of Kidneys, the reasons/symptoms of diseases and also on pros and cons of dialysis and transplant. The language is simple without much of medical jargons which helps even the lay man to understand.

As always the writings are backed up with data to emphasise the importance of the subject. Doctor’s dairy- a note at the end of each story gives a glimpse of observation of doctors and few do’s and don’ts.

Do give it a read if you want to be aware of your Second Heart.

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