Dr Shayan Haq Interview, Author of She: Ekla Cholo Re

Shayan Haq
Welcome to the interview of ‘She: Ekla Cholo Re’, author Dr. Shayan Haq!
Q1 : Why did you choose a topic like ‘She’ that is still considered as a taboo in our society?
Views: I found and still finding this topic interesting! As far my understanding goes there is enough space that is available to deal ‘human sexuality’ in justifiable manner. Often I felt its projected pity, venerable, sexual craving or unclear at times. In simple way to say, characters like ‘Kusum’ are more shown negative rather than positive. They are often treated as inhuman.
Q2 : What are the strengths of your book?
Views: First of all, there is inspiration to the book and that too also from a great poet Rabindranath Tagore. His inspiration towards people through his ideas, thoughts, and simplicity has been amazing to me. His thinking towards the women through stories has been forward (progressive) that made me feel wow! He talked about social injustice, and equality that time. This reflects a person can be progressive anytime in the life. I feel there is no dearth of writers who are regressive but progressive writers like Rabindranath is required. ‘She : Ekla Cholo Re’ is one of such milestones to us!
Secondly, We, doctors see a lot of patients. We see the sufferings of people. We not only treat physical problems but as well psychological problems that is often helps the patients to recover faster than otherwise. I have seen cases like ‘Kusum’, unfortunately cannot disclose or openly talk about such cases. I have tried to put such stories through Kusum in the book and its right from the bottom of heart!
Q 3 : The book seem to be have an interesting end and it seem that there is part 2 to it. Am I right?
Views: Yes! definitely part 2 is in the process with progressive approach. Its going to be positive again with an interesting end!
Q 4 : As I read the book, I felt it has a potential to become a movie or at least one serial like Rabindranath Tagore’s story. What are your views to it?
Views : (Smiles) Depends on the person who would pick it up! Yes, I see there is potential in the book.
Q 5 : According to you, why should someone pick the book?
Views : Kusum’s story is neither shown in TV or movies that is dealt in positive manner. He may be he, she or transgender – they would get a positive message through Rabindranath Tagore song Ekla Cholo Re from the book.
Q 6 : Could you say ‘She’ story in few lines?
Views : (Smiles) Inspiring story about a person who has suffered, he or she doesn’t have any control in the hands of society. Despite of all the shortcomings ‘She’ finds and make a way for herself through her inspiration, a national poet Rabindranath Tagore.
Thank you Dr Shayan Haq!

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