Rajashree Ghosh Editor of ‘She: Ekla Cholo Re’


Rajashree Ghosh: Rajashree started her career 8 years ago and went on to dabble in content writing, editing, and technical writing until motherhood decision of her life. In this new phase of her life, she got an opportunity to work on myriad exciting projects. She is a post-graduate in English Literature and a self- confessed aficionado of cinema. She houses the musings of her soul in her blog https://rajashreeghosh.wordpress.com/. Married to the love of her life, she currently lives in Bangalore. She can be contacted at ghosh.rajashree@gmail.com

Rajashree Ghosh, Editor of She : Ekla Cholo Re brings her experience and perspective to the book!

She1: What were your reaction as an editor of ‘She’ after the first time read?

 It was an absolute joy editing She; I grew with Kusum each day in complete awe as she drew inspiration from Tagore’s Ekla Cholo re song to be her true self each time she was struck with a heavy blow.

She2: ‘She’ character Kusum draws inspirations from Ekla Cholo Re song, what is your take away from it?

I think it’s a very apt song to derive inspiration from. It’s a song of life that celebrates the spirit of finding one’s identity by believing in oneself.

She 3: The book seem to have an interesting ending, how did you see it as an editor and reader point of view?

I thought the ending of the book is it’s USP. The first time the author briefed me about Kusum’s story, I decided to edit the manuscript mainly because of the ending! It was great to see the book take shape gradually from what started off as an editing project for me. Turning the pages of the book as a reader is an awesome feeling altogether.

She 4 : Why do you think She could be one of the important milestone book that has progressive approach to inspire readers and writers?

Simply because it deals with a person who do not fall under the ‘normal’ category.  It’s about a person who is trapped in someone else’s body. A lot has been said/written about people like us who do not have to deal issues like this; but I think this is the first time that a story revolves round the pain and suffering of a transgender. This makes it progressive and thus an inspiration to many others.

She 5: Could you tell the story of ‘She’ in few lines?

She’ is a story of a brave heart who is set to explore an identity that is often untitled, that does not belong anywhere, definitely not under the ‘he’ or ‘she’ bracket because of the pre conceived notion that each one possesses. ‘She’ draws inspiration from Rabindranath Tagore’s “Ekla Cholo re” song that urges everyone to move on despite facing abandonment from others. 

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