Gopal Hosur Talk & Review of She: Ekla Cholo Re


He tries to relate to the new generation and it makes him happy and feel young. He was sceptical when he was approached first thinking whether he is in a position to do this. 3.5 decades in police and majorly spoke to people who are criminals. Career has been a bag of fortunes and misfortunes; Has its share of ups and down. He has been rejuvenated through his career through his family friends. He comes from a place called Gokak where in he had 6 siblings, and spoke about how his parents bought him up with the low salary and remembers those days. He speaks about today’s day where in how the fears and anexities are part of the life while brinining up a single kid.

Brief of the book:
Concentration: Life these days is so different from those days an instrument called “Mobile” had gotten us so distracted. we cannot concentrate on anything. His concentration was in bits and bytes before picking She: Ekla Cholo Re book to read. He happened to read the book entirely. An Eyeopener book for him after spending so much time in government working with and for society it was an eye opener book reviews should not be done if the author is known, It should not be done if you either hate or love the person, on this note he is totally qualified to review the book.

Why is this book eye opener:
He was happy because the book was not very heavy, since our span of concentration is so little. In whatever circumstance you are in you still would want to read the book and that is the best thing about the book. The title and tag Line : Ekla Cholo Re fascinated him to read it.

As he began he thougt it was a thriller, every moment you think if what is coming next. Every sentence written make you think about what is coming next.

Next thing is to read between lines:
Some books are to be tasted, some books are to be devoured and very few books are to be eaten and digested and this book falls in third category.

The cause that it tries to potray is extremely well thought of and well written.


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