Community Exercise

With set of data and assumptions students were given simulation exercise to design a community that would accommodate the expansion with several challenges the community is likely to face in near future and projected time. The group was advised to design that would make it a better place to live. Hence un/conventional energy were asked to explore.

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Winning group was announced and a photo to cheer!

Ki & Ka to break stereotype

Last year when I first heard about R Balki doing a film with a strange title Ki & Ka. I followed up until the trailer was out and was happy to see a movie is getting made to break a stereotype that often society believed to be one. I had written an article 2014 (I Want to Marry House Husband) and followed another article (click here), both the articles have received highest number of visitors and comments. Many comments have not been approved because there was inquiries to become House Husband.

These two articles inspired to write a book titled ‘Umbilical Cord’ (click here) that has one Cord (chapter title) on same theme. It’s good to see that gender stereotyping is addressed through large canvas. Dr Shayan Haq and I attempted to address this topic in an a book She: Ekla Cholo Re which has become one of the highly acclaimed one!

Let’s make the world a better place to live! #HappyHouseHusband day on April 01 🙂

‘She’ is over 100

She: Ekla Cholo Re book has received overwhelming 100 plus counting reviews at Goodreads, Amazon, Flipkart and blog. Team would like to thank everyone for the support, reviews and time for reading/reviewing.  

Book was launched by Mr. Gopal Hosur, Rtd. IPS at Bengaluru ; Mr. Ramana, National Award Nominee and Scientist at Hyderabad ; Dr. Col. Prakash & Dr. Khan at International Conference of Medical Sciences and Social Sciences, Mysuru; Sri. Somaraju, Prl District and Sessions Judge,Vijayapura ; Dr. M. S. Dayanandaswamy (Principal of Sri Siddhartha Institute of Management Studies), Dr Muddesha B T (Director of Sri Siddhartha Center for Media Studies), Dr B. Azmathulla (Professor and Placement Officer of Sri Siddhartha Institute of Management Studies) at Tumkur

Blurb: Set in the backdrop of 1990 Calcutta, She is a story about finding one’s own identity in spite of all odds. The story spins around the life of Kusum, a brave heart whose identity is often untitled and blurred; it does not belong anywhere, definitely not under the ‘he’ or ‘she’ bracket, thanks to our social conditioning. Will she be successful in her mission? Find out in She, an utterly absorbing read that derives inspiration from Tagore’s “Ekla Cholo Re” song, which urges everyone to move on despite the fear of abandonment from others.


“She is one of the finest book to read” – Sujeeth Kumar, Project Manager, MNC Bengaluru 

“A story often untold. Appreciate the team for presenting She in the best possible harmonious way!” – N K Narasimhan, CEO and Co-Founder, Nascor Technologies, Bengaluru 

“Don’t miss the ending!” – Raghunath Babu Are, Employee at Microsoft, Bengaluru

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Simulation Exercise

Simulation exercise with limited resources in a hostile environment is something to learn. Group of students (mostly from different streams) were grouped. The first hurled to overcome was to get them into a situation that the exercises required, this was partially overcome through stories that took them out of their present. While the discussion processed it seemed still harder they found it difficult to be someone else. This was realised during presentation and Q&A time.

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A winner was announced on list of few parameters and a photos to cheer at the end!

Team Building

~Every wall has a crack : some are visible and some aren’t~

Nothing comes easy in life! Team has several individuals trying to perform tasks to reach the same goal. However, the stages that involve in formation of team is something one need to understand. Its mostly that a team formation goes through phases of understanding –

  • Impressions that are often formed during the first meet.
  • The different opinions or debates that occur to get that space.
  • Picking the appropriate role and owning the responsibilities.
  • Performing umpteen times to get the results and improve.
  • Begin a new tasks with new set of goals.

Although it looks simple but its one life to contribute! The session was held for 1st year engineering students and at the end, a photo to cheer!

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Team Building


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How often have I felt good about: myself and what I stood for? This question I often ask myself after every tasks to introspect. Somethings are undone but somethings can be done! These undone things have taught me through doing possible things that the root to become more assertive is to increase self-esteem. The low of self-esteem have brought low in confidence, beliefs and values. This in turn seem to have been hard in convincing others. A class for MBA 2nd semester began with this introduction. A short exercise was provided to check ‘how high is the self-esteem?’, this brought out the possibility of beginning to the importance of self-esteem. This was followed by set to activity that would lead to understand the possible way to measure the self-esteem using a case of Jimmy and Joe. The case brought some key points like :

  • Negative forces is the root to low self-esteem. Identification would be the first step!
  • Did this force affect the quality life that one could afford? If yes, what do we do?
  • Did this force inhibit in forming an ambitions? If yes, how do we overcome this inhibition?

These questions were pondered over a brief moment with exercises that helped in understanding the need to overcome ‘underachieve‘ and ‘exercising true potential‘.

This was followed by understanding the best way to present ‘Life Image as You!’ through a case of Peter and Mary who vouch for their candidate and Michael has to make a decision in picking based on the 360 degree view. As one rejection and acceptance will need Michael to explain his employees the reasons behind selection. This looked tricky to students as understand, why Michael choose one over the other? The case was not about just choosing but able to looking into the issue much larger than required.

Session ended with several fun-filled activities and a photo to cheer!


Equality & Productivity: Purpose to Professionalism

Two batches were given insights on equality and productivity. How often do we choose based on interests? The essence of becoming a professional lies in understanding a reasonable logic behind choosing the field. Often it can be observed that we choose because of normality of herd. However, this do not make anyone bad but the point of my argument is that a ‘new normality’ can be obtained by giving an emphasis on understanding it. This was dealt through two stories and with set of activities to learn, relearn by unlearning the myths to make our professionals more meaningful.

I could say that “Step towards treating everything with equality could enhance productivity”

At end, a photo to cheer!

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