Team Building :Yale University Case

Team Building

A session was conducted on ‘Team Building’ that began with understanding the differences between team and group. This was done using list-making method to understand the key difference among general ones. We arrived to one interesting outcome that forming a group seems relatively easier than team as latter needs to achieve a goal. This took us to a point to understand the importance of ‘Goal’ and ‘Goal Setting’. A case was presented with Alice in Wonderland.

Alice: Which road do I take?ย 

Cat: Where do you want to go?ย 

Alice: I don’t know.

Cat: Then, it doesn’t matter.ย 

This drives us to a saying, “If you don’t know your goals, it doesn’t matter what you choose”

Then a case of Yale University of interviewing (using a questionnaire) 1953 batch on ‘Specific goals’ and ‘Do they write them down?’ It was found that only 4% people did so! After 20 years, that is 1973 the same people were interviewed to check their achievement. It was found that 4% were healthy and were in happy relationships. They were financial independent with wealth greater remaining 96% people combined. This case could be a good motivation to understand the key behind setting a ‘Goal’. As simple the listing might look but it seem to have produce powerful results.

The session ended with several activities to understand the team formation and its importance.

A photo to cheer at the end!