More Ki and Ka’s are Needed

I was excited to watch R Balki’s movie since its announcement because it had to do with some articles that I had written during 2014 (I Want to Marry House Husband) and followed another article (click here), both the articles have received highest number of visitors and comments. Many comments have not been approved because there was inquiries to become House Husband. These two articles inspired to write a book titled ‘Umbilical Cord’ (click here) that has one Cord (chapter title) on same theme. It’s good to see that gender stereotyping is addressed through large canvas. Dr Shayan Haq and I attempted to address this topic in an a book She: Ekla Cholo Re which has become one of the highly acclaimed one!

This momentum of watching had a small lump after critic’s review and rating. I re-read several reviews to see the challenge that most of them had difficulty in understanding the gender stereotyping. This confusion is reflected very well in the later half of the movie especially towards the end when Kia makes her presence felt with typical the way man thinks of woman in a family.

Although there have several movies that have taken this theme and few them Govinda has in it but R Balki’s Ki & Ka is a promising beginning to break gender stereotyping. Kudos to the entire team for making a good beginning!


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