Right Spirit & Self-deceptive

Last few years life in semi-urban or rural areas has fascinated me that often city misses to provide. There is rush and turmoil to be someone or make or break something.

One of my friend from one of such city mentioned the problem ‘on giving a charity to the needy’. He looked disturbed because the receiver of charity handed it down to someone else. This act of receiver seemed disturbing him since the time. I inquired to understand ‘why was he making a problem of it?’ He thought for awhile and said, ‘I might still have a feeling of possession.’ That the receiver should have kept it to oneself.

This is exactly the problem with the work or charity that doesn’t the right spirit. This doesn’t mean that spirit isn’t there but it existed as self-deception in the above case at a level. How do we look into it?

We tried to discuss such virtual cords that often we get entangled in our lives through a book ‘Umbilical Cord’.



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