Curtain Raiser: How did bug happen?

IMG_1149Writing a book is a great responsibility. When you write a blog or article you aim to reach a certain audience, however book intends to reach a wide variety of audience.

Even though Bug is aimed for IT Professionals and Software Testing Community, anybody can read this book as the Daily lives of people working in organizations is unfolded here.

Lets think about the following:

  1. We read a lot of technical books, articles and that helps us a lot in our work
  2. We hear or feel a lot of things between our friends and peers at work, one that impacts our work and also decisions we take

Bug explains the point 1 with a little bit of technical jargon mixed.

Not clear ? – Please wait for the book to get launched.

In this article, we like to share with you what ideas we had and which went into the book in a nutshell,

  1. Many IT professionals / freshers / college students now a days know what to read, how to crack interviews. Do they know enough of organizations, people, expectations and so on?
  2. What happens behind the scenes during interview process? If candidate knows such things will it help him succeed in the interview and appreciate the process. 
  3. Many a times after finishing an interview,the candidate might feel  ‘it was a cakewalk’, but still gets rejected – how does one find answers for such rejections?
  4. Answers given by candidates may be the best but does it resonate to the questions the interviewer asks.
  5. What are various parameters that factor in for selecting the right candidates – Is it just technical skills or anything more?

Book talks about all this and also nice stories of how employees work / talk in an organization. It has drama, action, suspense and a lot of learning.

Updates on the happening: click here

~BUG: Since 2014~


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