Sarbjit: Strong example of Minority Influence

Welcome to the next article, today let’s try to explore can minority (not the religious) influence the majority in decision making? I shall take a example of Sarbjit movie as a case to discuss the next article.

Largely people like to conform to majority because they want to belong to some group, this is termed as normative influence. This exists at home, work and with strangers in a situation. If the world lies one cannot be true! This scenario is sketched in the initial years of struggle of Dalbir Kaur seeking help of her brother Sarabajit Singh who convicted of terrorism and spying by Pakistan court.

Deviation from normative influence is possible when one believes in what they are saying, this reflects at point when Dalbir Kaur makes a point of seeking justice for her missing and falsely convicted brother. This struggle period of a decade that gains in momentum with several others believing in the beliefs, values and behavior. Why one do get to agree to one person? Others often analyse the message that comes out of conviction. The movie tells us that Dalbir Kaur made several attempt that the person to be convicted is walking free. When the content seem right the belief of others automatically matches to the belief of the individual, this is termed as informative influence. The movie progress to show that more and more people conform to the consistent message, this affect is known as snowball effect. What follows this is minority becoming majority. A critical mass stands to seek a solution. The indicates the normative influence that has majority. Initially others who were unsure of the support and have conformed would forget the why and how this change happened, this phenomena is known as social crypto-amensia.

Movies like Sarabjit are important to showcase/stand to others that each individuals could bring the desired change for making the world a better place to live. Next week I shall begin with a new topic on ‘Self’. Why one is important for themselves?’ Till then, Good day!

~Santosh Avvannavar, Author of She: Ekla Cholo Re~


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