BUGman 3

Bharath Kumar
Mr BUGman

Today we bring to you to an interview of our BUGman 3, Mr Bharath Kumar who shares his experience of being QA Engineer.

About your background / work

I am basically from Mangalore , Karnataka. I completed my B.E in Information Science and Engineering from Sahyadri College, Mangalore. I started working in Sevam Tech in 2013 , later worked in Wipro Technologies. Currently I am working as QA Automation engineer in Medlife International Pvt Ltd.

Key Things to Succeed in IT Industry

“Love your job but NEVER fall in love with your company”

Challenges for a tester

New automation frameworks, Rapid testing techniques and faster release of the products.

Where you see Testing field 5 years from now ?

Until development testing will be there. Manual testing scope will decrease in future.Quality is about how the company runs and delivers value and experience to its clients. QA is a perfect place from which to see how, who, and what gets done.

How does BUGman Book Help Aspiring Testers ?

This book will tell about environment in any organization. It will give overview of testers lives, key technical stuff. The gossip between employees and how they work with the managers in company is a very interesting part of the book.

What do u feel about Interview section in the Book – BUGman ?

In interview section, I liked the Author’s views. He mentions about politics inside the company. It happens in the most of the companies and it’s the fact. Other than that BUGman told about internal interview process, expected questions in interview and how interviewer will think about the candidates is also well highlighted.

How important is attitude, communication, innovation for a tester ?

Attitude : Tester needs to break the system in different ways. Break it is the attitude before the customer does.

Communication: Tester should able to communicate effectively to all the stakeholders across the life cycle, especially convince the Product to prioritize the bug and developer to fix it.

Innovation: In Software industry one has to update yourself every day. Innovation is the mantra to survive. As a tester one should need to know the latest technologies, tools available in the market for testing etc.

If you were to select an applicant as Q.A., how would you go about ? 

First round : Logical questions. It tells how fast candidate thinks about the problem.

Second round : Manual testing questions. Give candidate a real time scenario and expect him to cover various positive and negative test cases that shows if he thinks out of the box.

Third round : Probe into Automation framework and also ask analytical and behavioural questions.

Could you brief on the career path for Q.A.? 

QA professionals can move into other areas of the organization, PMs, Scrum master , Build and release engineer etc. They can also build on their testing skills and keep moving up the ladder.

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Story of Asset

Meena:  Mohan, what’s the matter with you? You seem to have built a world of illusion. 
Mohan:  I’m concerned about future of our children. 
Meena:  What are you concerned about? It seems good to me! 
Mohan:  I’m thinking of setting up a big roof (house) in for them with spacious individual     room for each. There will garden for younger to plant vineyard. Our older child will have a play ground. For their children a mansion in the first floor. What do you say? 
Meena:  I don’t think that is required.
Mohan:  (Disappointed on hearing response from his wife) How about a car that they could use to drive for travel or for weekend time? Our younger one is showing lot of interest in vehicles.
Meena: I don’t think that is required.
Mohan: (Sadness and restless looming on face) How about purchasing some land so that they continue the legacy of father to cultivate?
Meena: I don’t think that is required.
Mohan: (unable to believe that his wife is unsupportive) I’m thinking of saving some money for our children. That would atleast be a great asset.
Meena: I don’t think that is required.
Mohan: (in angry) I never thought my wife would be so unsupportive on anything good I come up!
Meena: (after a moment of silence) Mohan you angry is genuine and right but you would be more disappointed in future at the age of emotional need over today.
Mohan: What did you mean by that?
Meena: You take effort of building a house in our middle of village but are you sure that children would stay with us. Do you? They might not!
The car you purchase for them will become outdated by the time they grow up. I don’t want your car to become an antique in the garage. They may like to buy new trendy and latest one!
You loved be a farmer, we yet to see if one of children would want to be a farmer. As we see, many are migrating to city.
Saving money for them would devalue their strength. Money can make them lazy, selfish and egoistic.
Mohan: But I want to do something for them. They are our children!
Meena: If you want to do something, “Don’t make asset for them, make them as a assets”. Give them a education, morals, spirituality of all religion, equality, humility, peace and love. – Santosh Avvannavar

(Idea was germinated while listening from a talk of Dr Meena Chandavarkar)

Issac Barrow

I was asked an interesting question, would you like to have a person better than you in the circle?

I narrated this story to answer in reply to the curious mind, “During 1666-67, Issac Newton presented his work that he did during his spare time to Prof Issac Barrow. Prof Barrow was fascinated and touched by his work that inspired him to give up his job and become a student to Issac Newton.”

You Smile, I Smile

Yesterday while flipping pages and siping coffee in Cafe Coffee Day, two older woman walked inside on purchasing coffee powder at the display counter. My attention did move from flipping pages to them because of a thing that they wanted from the waitress. The coffee powder packs were given out in a paper cover not in carry bags. This would mean holding them in hand but that seemed difficult for them could be because of physical state. They kept asking the waitress to arrange one carry bag! Unfortunately, customers believe that one need to oblige to such requests. The waitress kept moving in and out of drawers to see if a miracle could happen. But that was far off from happening! She grew restless seeing the two woman waiting in eagerness as their eyes were constantly on her. They seemed unhappy with this inability of the waitress.

Sipping coffee took my attention to the cover that I own from purchasing books while ago. Two things for awhile- should I hand over this and receive all the appreciation or not to loose my cover. In next moment my conscious arouse calling for the attention of the waitress. I hand over to the waitress, letting it her to hand over those two woman with no expectation of ‘thank you’ from them. Waitress was brimming with smile on the miracle and made herself to them. Frown faces lite up! They thanked the waitress and it seemed their faith is restored of ‘customer is king’. The waitress was about aide goodbye from being relieved, one of the two stopped for her again got a moment and asked her, “how did you manage to get one?” With no hesitation the waitress pinpointed towards me. They both turned to me and nodded to gesture ‘thank you’. I lifted my thumb to symbolise “we all won”. I walked out of the cafe shop thinking ‘I smiled because of they smiled’. – Author of this story is Santosh Avvannavar

BUGman 2

Jeevan Pic
Mr BUGman

Today we bring to you to an interview of our BUGman 2, Mr Jeevan P who shares his experience of being QA Engineer.

About your background / work

I am Jeevan P, coming from a small district Mandya, Karnataka with the education background of Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical. I am having around 12+ years of exp. Completely into Quality Engineering and worked forthe companies like Geneva, Yahoo! SDC as Prinicipal Engineer, QE.

Key Things to Succeed in IT Industry

Learning: A day without new learning is a day waste in the IT industry.

Technology and soft skills should be upgraded periodically to keep with pace of software industry

Implement: One should have a mixture of hard/smart work attitude and apply the innovative ideas/skills wherever necessary.

Process: Easy to adopt to any work/company culture and process.

Challenges for a tester

Tester should be flexible enough and easy to adopt to any process or STLC in the agile world. Expect frequent builds a day and have to certify without compromising the build quality, because it is expected from any tester. Also flexible enough in implementing the new trends/ideas to impress your BOSSes. Always have a aggressive attitude towards build quality, customer satisfaction, on time support during any production outages.

Where you see Testing field 5 years from now ?

Software testing field is a multi-billion dollar industry which cannot be vanished easily. There is a lot of scope in the quality engineering. E.g. Automation may replace the manual efforts, unit testing coverage, acceptance testing, testers starts contributing towards security testing. All this said scope of tester would remain forever, given the individuals adopting new testing techniques and types of testing.

How does Bug Book Help Aspiring Testers ?

BUG helps in understanding how the area of software testing is, how the recruitment happens across various positions, interactions between the employees/managers and may actually help youth to explore the software testing area and work on it.

What do u feel about Interview section in the Book – Bug?

– Good exposure on how the interview process happens for various positions.

– How the interaction happens between the hiring manager and interviewers.

– Different types of sample interview questions.

– Factors considered for selecting candidates, many of them candidate itself doesn’t know.

How important is attitude, communication, innovation for a tester ?

Attitude, Communication, Innovation – All 3 are important to testers and are all inter-related.

Attitude: Tester should have enough patience and can succeed when he/she has very good attitude or passion towards his/her work.

Communication: Tester should be very assertive, and be able to communicate on the ongoing activities effectively. So that people should respect testers.

Innovation: Testers should constantly innovate else his growth and career can come to stand still in the future. Tester should find the right tool / practice to implement the innovative ideas and showcase its worth to the organization.

E.g. UI Layout automation – This was an unexplored area, which I was able to find a right tool and helped reduced manual testing effort.

If you were to select an applicant as Q.A., how would you go about? 

– Applicant should have strong technical skills as well assertive

communication skills. Ablity to explain the key skills mentioned in the


– Applicant should understand his/her own strengths and weaknesses.

– Applicant should be keen to learn new things and be able to apply on the day-day activities.

– Applicant should have Out Of Box thinking capabilities and be able to adopt to any work/company culture.

Could you brief on the career path for Q.A.? 

QA has lots of scope as mentioned earlier and he/she can choose any depending on the software-testing trend:

One should opt to move towards horizontal initiatives like Security,

Performance, Penetration testing etc

Current / future software testing trending areas like,

– Big Data testing

– Data ware housing

– White/Grey Box testing initiatives

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Impact of ‘Because’

I had a long overnight travel from Bengaluru to Frankfurt flight departing early morning around three. I was on my toes running with cabin baggage towards to Gate to catch the connecting flight from Frankfurt to another destination that was about to depart in less than hour. I rushed holding breathe in a large airport. As soon I reached to the desk an announcement comes over the loudspeaker – ‘Attention passengers. Flight no A123 is delayed by two hours due to some technical reasons.’ I was annoyed for a moment on hearing the delay coupled with sleepless night with only bread and cheese around to grab. But ‘due’ (or because) word made to realise if I had to board a flight just because I don’t want to wait. The technical error could cause unsaid incident. I have seen the power of ‘because’ at several places including home. One day my mother had prepared several dishes and I asked her, why so many varieties? She replied ‘Because you come home sometime.’ That was perfect way to agree. These and several other such incidents has thought me that this wonderful ‘because’ word amplifies the interaction. Carry your magical word to see its wonder.

Romeo Juliet unforgettable saga

I wondered, why characters like Romeo or Juliet chase each other to mostly seen a sad ending? Is there no number two, who is waiting on toe feet to say yes? I’m sure there will be someone. But why do such character continue to chase? I think it has to do with effort justification. It’s time and hope that have been invested. MBA or Engineer or Medical graduates often attach values of such justification. These examples could be a good way of telling me, “hurt is a way of motivation”.

Quote is Out

Quote is Out by Santosh Avvannavar, Acclaimed Author of She: Ekla Cholo Re

Getting accepted or rejected is based on factors for a job is mere for selection and not the result. Life has bigger results awaiting to face! Face it with a smile!

Value of gold is understood in crisis than on a occasion. But the gold plays both the role reminding its significance. We yet times need to value and de-value to understand and appreciate significance of several things.

If you are excited of an idea that no one else, all that should matter to you is focus. Progressive thinkers are driven by their interests, not whether others are interested.

Whenever you feel low, think of someone who is inspired by you. The low will turn to high.

I’m not sure how much you were aware how I would be out of your womb. But you promised to let me see the light. Thank you Mommy!

I’m not sure how little was I that you held my hand with a promise to take care. Thank you Daddy!

I’m not sure how little one I going to be or become but you hand held me to learn and unlearn. Thank you teacher! 

I’m not sure how little knowledge I possessed in comparison to many man years experience that tall buildings speak. Thank you employer!

This little one wants to thank everyone for giving freedom to fail and rise through those sacrifices of known and unknown people. Thank you everyone!

We expect doctors to be perfect for our imperfect problem. We often forget that there is ‘I’m’ present in imperfect. This ‘I’m’ would become ‘I was’ when we don’t trust and follow doctors instruction. Can we shift this risky of holding doctors for our imperfection?

Missed opportunity 
When I fell from bicycle, I blamed the road
When I failed in test, I blamed the paper and teacher
When my marriage failed, I blamed the partner
When my career didn’t take off, I blamed the manager 
When I met an accident, I couldn’t blame anyone because someone wrote RIP! I missed an opportunity!

For several people the challenge with the dream isn’t bread & butter but the luxury.

No one can fail you but your mind can. Failures from others decision is just the evidence of their existence. Even if you feel someone has failed you, let one realise it’s a new rise. Let your mind never fail you.

Is someone whom you haven’t seen nor meet, can that person be more important than yourself? How irony I never made myself a SUPERSTAR.

Rich people have “poor problems” to deal with and poor people have “rich problems” to deal. The common things between both are the ‘problem’ and ‘hope’.

BUGman 1

Mr BUGman 

Today we bring to you to an interview of our BUGman 1, Mr Prasanna Desai who shares his experience of being QA Engineer.

About your background / work

I hail from Bagalkot and completed my Pre University from native town and completed BE in Electronics and Communication from T John College Bengaluru in 2012. I started working in a StartUp Company Kishkinda as Software QA Engineer, later worked in Yahoo Inc for 2.5 yrs. Currently working in Cloodon Learning a SaaS based company providing Learning Management System which makes online teaching and learning easy. It has a global presence.

Key Things to Succeed in IT Industry

Good attitude, Should be very communicative, Proactive and Out of box thinking

Challenges for a tester

Frequent product feature release with out code freeze, frequent changes in requirement from customer/client, Convincing the quality to stakeholders/customers who uses the product.

Where you see Testing field 5 years from now

1) Ensuring the customers are happy and stay happy with the services and products means that the testers play a big part

2) Automating the processes and test cases and ensuring the release to market is very fast

How does Bug Book Help Aspiring Testers

As many fresh graduates don’t know the key aspect of Testing, after reading this book they will get into idea as of how Software testing is important in any organization.

For aspiring testers they will get more involved in Software Testing, Current situation in IT industry, and aspects of hiring Testers.

What do u feel about Interview section in the Book – Bug

The interview section in book is very generic and topic oriented , which explains the current trend in the interview process, be it interviewing experienced candidate or a fresher. It explains the mindset of the interviewer, HR selection process and about selected candidates, and the questions raised after the interview between the interviewers.

Ex: For interviewing any fresher, the level of question asked will be different when compared to experienced candidate.

Selection sometime is based on favoritism, region and language.

Interviewer selects some candidates, and atleast they get rejected due to some reasons Ex: Salary Package.

How important is attitude, communication, innovation for a tester

As I mentioned earlier, these 3 are key things to succeed in IT industry, and these matters a lot for any tester testing a product.

Attitude of the tester should be like finding more bugs and make a product better. –

Break the product and then Make it.

Communication: Tester should communicate regularly with all the stake holders and call out major defects early in the product life cycle.

Innovation: Tester should be more innovative in testing the product, think out of the box with new testing techniques sometimes it requires non technical process to test the product.

If you were to select an applicant as Q.A., how would you go about? 

The selection process will be simple and position oriented.

For Manual Testing: Ask the candidate to write Test plan and test case on a given product, ask him/her to explain the process involved to test. Any risk in testing that product, lessons learnt, Corner cases etc.

For Automation Testing: Give any web application ask him/her automate and estimate the time it consumed to execute the test cases and reporting. Check the knowledge on testing automation framework. Candidate should demonstrate how the sign off (regression) effort is reduced with Automation.

Could you brief on the career path for Q.A.? 

QA engineers often use the skills they learned in their field to redirect their careers toward related areas such as:

Build & deployment automation: Create & maintain software used to build, run automation, configure, and deploy software.

Performance and Security Testing: These are most important Non-Functional areas of testing that have and will continue to acquire more focus in the future too. As with any career, the more senior you get the more the job changes. In QA you’ll see your time shift from a focus on breaking things (or writing automation) toward spending more time on forming test strategy, mentorship, risk assessment, and root cause analysis.

Tester given the scope of his responsibilities can also play a part in the following roles :

  • System administration
  • Software development
  • Program management
  • Scrum Master
  • Product management

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