Quote is Out

Quote is Out by Santosh Avvannavar, Acclaimed Author of She: Ekla Cholo Re

Getting accepted or rejected is based on factors for a job is mere for selection and not the result. Life has bigger results awaiting to face! Face it with a smile!

Value of gold is understood in crisis than on a occasion. But the gold plays both the role reminding its significance. We yet times need to value and de-value to understand and appreciate significance of several things.

If you are excited of an idea that no one else, all that should matter to you is focus. Progressive thinkers are driven by their interests, not whether others are interested.

Whenever you feel low, think of someone who is inspired by you. The low will turn to high.

I’m not sure how much you were aware how I would be out of your womb. But you promised to let me see the light. Thank you Mommy!

I’m not sure how little was I that you held my hand with a promise to take care. Thank you Daddy!

I’m not sure how little one I going to be or become but you hand held me to learn and unlearn. Thank you teacher! 

I’m not sure how little knowledge I possessed in comparison to many man years experience that tall buildings speak. Thank you employer!

This little one wants to thank everyone for giving freedom to fail and rise through those sacrifices of known and unknown people. Thank you everyone!

We expect doctors to be perfect for our imperfect problem. We often forget that there is ‘I’m’ present in imperfect. This ‘I’m’ would become ‘I was’ when we don’t trust and follow doctors instruction. Can we shift this risky of holding doctors for our imperfection?

Missed opportunity 
When I fell from bicycle, I blamed the road
When I failed in test, I blamed the paper and teacher
When my marriage failed, I blamed the partner
When my career didn’t take off, I blamed the manager 
When I met an accident, I couldn’t blame anyone because someone wrote RIP! I missed an opportunity!

For several people the challenge with the dream isn’t bread & butter but the luxury.

No one can fail you but your mind can. Failures from others decision is just the evidence of their existence. Even if you feel someone has failed you, let one realise it’s a new rise. Let your mind never fail you.

Is someone whom you haven’t seen nor meet, can that person be more important than yourself? How irony I never made myself a SUPERSTAR.

Rich people have “poor problems” to deal with and poor people have “rich problems” to deal. The common things between both are the ‘problem’ and ‘hope’.


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