Impact of ‘Because’

I had a long overnight travel from Bengaluru to Frankfurt flight departing early morning around three. I was on my toes running with cabin baggage towards to Gate to catch the connecting flight from Frankfurt to another destination that was about to depart in less than hour. I rushed holding breathe in a large airport. As soon I reached to the desk an announcement comes over the loudspeaker – ‘Attention passengers. Flight no A123 is delayed by two hours due to some technical reasons.’ I was annoyed for a moment on hearing the delay coupled with sleepless night with only bread and cheese around to grab. But ‘due’ (or because) word made to realise if I had to board a flight just because I don’t want to wait. The technical error could cause unsaid incident. I have seen the power of ‘because’ at several places including home. One day my mother had prepared several dishes and I asked her, why so many varieties? She replied ‘Because you come home sometime.’ That was perfect way to agree. These and several other such incidents has thought me that this wonderful ‘because’ word amplifies the interaction. Carry your magical word to see its wonder.