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Mr BUGman

Today we bring to you to an interview of our BUGman 2, Mr Jeevan P who shares his experience of being QA Engineer.

About your background / work

I am Jeevan P, coming from a small district Mandya, Karnataka with the education background of Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical. I am having around 12+ years of exp. Completely into Quality Engineering and worked forthe companies like Geneva, Yahoo! SDC as Prinicipal Engineer, QE.

Key Things to Succeed in IT Industry

Learning: A day without new learning is a day waste in the IT industry.

Technology and soft skills should be upgraded periodically to keep with pace of software industry

Implement: One should have a mixture of hard/smart work attitude and apply the innovative ideas/skills wherever necessary.

Process: Easy to adopt to any work/company culture and process.

Challenges for a tester

Tester should be flexible enough and easy to adopt to any process or STLC in the agile world. Expect frequent builds a day and have to certify without compromising the build quality, because it is expected from any tester. Also flexible enough in implementing the new trends/ideas to impress your BOSSes. Always have a aggressive attitude towards build quality, customer satisfaction, on time support during any production outages.

Where you see Testing field 5 years from now ?

Software testing field is a multi-billion dollar industry which cannot be vanished easily. There is a lot of scope in the quality engineering. E.g. Automation may replace the manual efforts, unit testing coverage, acceptance testing, testers starts contributing towards security testing. All this said scope of tester would remain forever, given the individuals adopting new testing techniques and types of testing.

How does Bug Book Help Aspiring Testers ?

BUG helps in understanding how the area of software testing is, how the recruitment happens across various positions, interactions between the employees/managers and may actually help youth to explore the software testing area and work on it.

What do u feel about Interview section in the Book – Bug?

– Good exposure on how the interview process happens for various positions.

– How the interaction happens between the hiring manager and interviewers.

– Different types of sample interview questions.

– Factors considered for selecting candidates, many of them candidate itself doesn’t know.

How important is attitude, communication, innovation for a tester ?

Attitude, Communication, Innovation – All 3 are important to testers and are all inter-related.

Attitude: Tester should have enough patience and can succeed when he/she has very good attitude or passion towards his/her work.

Communication: Tester should be very assertive, and be able to communicate on the ongoing activities effectively. So that people should respect testers.

Innovation: Testers should constantly innovate else his growth and career can come to stand still in the future. Tester should find the right tool / practice to implement the innovative ideas and showcase its worth to the organization.

E.g. UI Layout automation – This was an unexplored area, which I was able to find a right tool and helped reduced manual testing effort.

If you were to select an applicant as Q.A., how would you go about? 

– Applicant should have strong technical skills as well assertive

communication skills. Ablity to explain the key skills mentioned in the


– Applicant should understand his/her own strengths and weaknesses.

– Applicant should be keen to learn new things and be able to apply on the day-day activities.

– Applicant should have Out Of Box thinking capabilities and be able to adopt to any work/company culture.

Could you brief on the career path for Q.A.? 

QA has lots of scope as mentioned earlier and he/she can choose any depending on the software-testing trend:

One should opt to move towards horizontal initiatives like Security,

Performance, Penetration testing etc

Current / future software testing trending areas like,

– Big Data testing

– Data ware housing

– White/Grey Box testing initiatives

Bug Us: If you have question to Mr. BUGman kindly comment. We would revert at the earliest.

~Happy BUGend~

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