You Smile, I Smile

Yesterday while flipping pages and siping coffee in Cafe Coffee Day, two older woman walked inside on purchasing coffee powder at the display counter. My attention did move from flipping pages to them because of a thing that they wanted from the waitress. The coffee powder packs were given out in a paper cover not in carry bags. This would mean holding them in hand but that seemed difficult for them could be because of physical state. They kept asking the waitress to arrange one carry bag! Unfortunately, customers believe that one need to oblige to such requests. The waitress kept moving in and out of drawers to see if a miracle could happen. But that was far off from happening! She grew restless seeing the two woman waiting in eagerness as their eyes were constantly on her. They seemed unhappy with this inability of the waitress.

Sipping coffee took my attention to the cover that I own from purchasing books while ago. Two things for awhile- should I hand over this and receive all the appreciation or not to loose my cover. In next moment my conscious arouse calling for the attention of the waitress. I hand over to the waitress, letting it her to hand over those two woman with no expectation of ‘thank you’ from them. Waitress was brimming with smile on the miracle and made herself to them. Frown faces lite up! They thanked the waitress and it seemed their faith is restored of ‘customer is king’. The waitress was about aide goodbye from being relieved, one of the two stopped for her again got a moment and asked her, “how did you manage to get one?” With no hesitation the waitress pinpointed towards me. They both turned to me and nodded to gesture ‘thank you’. I lifted my thumb to symbolise “we all won”. I walked out of the cafe shop thinking ‘I smiled because of they smiled’. – Author of this story is Santosh Avvannavar


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